Zero Botnet Alliance

The Zero Botnet Alliance is a collaborative effort co-hosted by Spamhaus and APWG to track and disiminate threat data related to criminal botnets. The primary goals of the Zero Botnet Alliance are:

  • Education of Webhosting Technical teams to better detect and fight fraudulent signups.
  • Multi-lingual Self-Assessment Security audits with detailed scoring.
  • Guide of Ethical Conduct for Webhosters.
  • Proactive detection tools to use against Botnet operators.
  • Access to IP and Domain blocklists used to block & drop Botnet traffic.
  • Sharing of crowdsourced, real-time and highly accurate threat intelligence.
  • Clear identification & continuous update of Botnet Takedown coordinators.

In addition to the goals above, the Alliance will launch a powerful Brand Awareness & Logo Program to enable the clear identification of Webhosters that openly adhere to and support our anti-Botnet objectives. If a Webhoster or Service Provider is not a member of the Zero Botnet Alliance, it should be a cause of concern for a prospective client.

Charter members and supporters of the Zero Botnet Alliance include: The Spamhaus Project, MXTools, the Anti-Phishing Working Group & Abusix. These organizations have pledged to provide initial funding to launch the initiative as well as tools and training resources to assist Webhosters to eradicate Botnet operators from the networks worldwide.

Membership to the Zero Botnet Alliance is open to all Webhosters & Service Providers worldwide. For details on joining the alliance please provide these details:

Company / Organization*

Alliance Members APWG Spamhaus mxTools Abusix